Affiliate Program  |  Affiliate Benefits

Become more competitive:
As more providers enter the market, it’s much harder to get noticed and win new clients, especially with low-end technology. Technology is moving fast, and the emerging leaders already have mature, feature-rich products.

Turn tables on your competition, by offering differentiated features and services that no one else has. You'll find it's much easier to retain customers, and get the attention of brokers and franchise owners, who will help promote you to their agents.


Sell on quality not on price:
Selling on price is a recipe for long hours and low profits. You know it has no future! Worse, it attracts low-end agents with small budgets and low sales volume, who want everything for nothing!

Now you can attract those agents who value quality marketing, because they know it gets results. These are the industry leaders that others follow. Once you gain their trust, they tend to be loyal and give you lots of trouble-free repeat business.


Provide high-margin services:
Virtual tours account for only about 5% of an Agent’s marketing budget, most of it is print. But as agents shift marketing $ from print to the web, they need providers that can do both!

With the ability to provide value-added services, such as floorplans, property websites, flyers and e-marketing, you can become a strategic supplier for all their marketing needs. Our outsourced design service enables you add to your bottom line, without adding to your workload!